Introducing the Moon Pod; an Advanced Bean Bag for Better Lifestyle

A Moon Pod is a bean bag filled with high density EPS beads and designed to offer sensations of zero gravity and flotation. It is used in flotation therapy among other applications and is intended to help in deep relaxation and stress-free sleep. It delivers a full body weightless experience that results in therapeutic effects similar to that of flotation therapy.

Designers of moon pod engineered it to adjust to the human body shape and ensure maximum comfort. Unlike other flotation therapy tools, a moon pod is designed to provide natural comfort and relaxation from any location in the world.

Due to its ability to be used both indoors and outdoors, a moon pod is one of the most popular go-to tools for those interested in flotation therapy. The engineering used in its manufacture and the flawlessly chosen filler material ensures it is light, portable and resilient.

Most technology advancement enthusiasts think of a moon pod as one of the greatest inventions of the modern century.

Re-Defined Engineering for Comfort and Sensations of Flotation Therapy

Unlike regular bean bags, moon pods consist of beads that are impeccably designed and synthesized to offer natural therapeutic remedies for a number of physical and psychological health issues. A bean bag if typically filled with high friction, high density EPS beads that are distinctively engineered to adjust to the human body shape and result in feelings of weightlessness.

The cover is made of a composite material that has been well researched on and synthesized to bring about a feeling of flotation therapy. It is designed such that it reacts to pressure from the body by evenly distributing the weight and therefore completely relaxing all body parts. It’s not only designed to bring feelings of weightlessness but also muscle and flotation therapy.

The moon pod cover is made of two layers. The inner layer is made up of a blended spandex material. The outer layer is made up of a mixture of soft fabrics that guarantee ultimate comfort. A combination of these two layers and the beads make the moon pod adjustable to the user’s position. This is a key feature that makes it a perfect solution for flotation therapy and stress management.

It is not easy to find a well-designed product with a cover that can be removed and washed without affecting its strength and texture. The engineering incorporated in designing the moon pod ensures it is possible to remove the outer layer of the cover and wash it without much problems.

It is designed in such a way that it targets high attention human body parts and muscles with more nerve endings. The effect of this is a remarkable solution to many health issues. The many applications and impeccable design of moon pods explain its increased popularity among all age groups.

Health Benefits of Moon Pods

Here are some of the benefits of owning a moon pod:

  • Can be used in anxiety management. It is a good solution for controlling fidgeting.
  • Viable solution for those suffering from insomnia.
  • Helps manage Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
  • Used in management of Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Helps control depression.
  • Can be used to relieve physical pain.
  • Results in proper breathing.
  • Yields better relaxation.
  • Blood circulation is significantly improved.
  • Used in eliminating all pressure points from the human body by evenly distributing weight throughout the pod. This results in maximum comfort and therapeutic effects of flotation therapy.
  • Relax and enhance head and neck muscles.
  • Perfect solution for leg and torso relaxation.
  • Relieve back/spinal pain.

When and where to use a moon pod.

A moon pad has so many applications that make it the best tool to improve quality of life. On top of its health benefits, it can be used in so many other ways. Here is a summary of when and where a moon pod can be used to make life better and more comfortable:

  • Power nap.
  • Relaxing after a stressful day at work.
  • Good spot for meditation.
  • Resting late-night and early morning relaxation.
  • Watching television. Sitting on a moon pod feels better than sitting on a couch.
  • Go to place when in need of a perfect spot to think and come up with practical solutions.
  • Playing video games.
  • Use it as a laptop work station or when browsing the internet.
  • A good addition to weighted blanks. Results in a perfect combination for deep sleep and total relaxation.
  • Can also be used at work if there are no strict work-environment rules about bringing such stuff into the office.
  • Outdoor relaxation during hot summers.
  • Perfect spot for reading books, newspapers and magazines.

How it can be used?

Designers of the moon pod ensured that it can be used in many different ways including the following:

  • Use as a chair.

When sitting at the center or lower quarter, the moon pod can be used as a comfy chair for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Recline to lounge.

It is also possible to recline the moon pod and chill out on it while resting at an angle of about 135o.

  • Lay down horizontally

Users can also place it horizontally and lay on tip for a quick nap or just for general relaxation.

A moon pod is designed such that there is no need to place it against a wall. It can therefore be placed anywhere in the house. It automatically morphs itself and blends in with the floor to adjust to any sitting position and posture.

One more advantage of a moon pod is that it is a small tool. An average pod occupies just 4 square feet. This feature makes it suitable for those living in smaller houses including studio apartments.

Where to find the best moon pod.

With all its benefits, nobody can ever ignore the importance of owning a moon pod. Those who’ve used it generally agree that sitting or lying on it feels like floating on air.

It is a cozy product that can completely change your lifestyle. If interested in acquiring one, the first thing to do is research the products currently available in the market. This should be followed by a comparison of the different moon pods in the market before making final decision.

Whether thinking of acquiring a moon pod for business purposes or for personal home use, you can rest assured that you will find what you need.