Is Density good for kids ? 

The Density blanket could be used for kids only if they are not under 2 years old. It's true that our unique size 48"*78" can be larger than necessary for a kid. But the weight of 15 lbs would perfectly provide the same effect as for adults.

How to assemble my Density ?

As many customers want to wash their Density outer cover before using, we choose to ship it in two pieces.

To assemble your Density, please not that it is important to properly secure the inner weighted section to the cover ON THE INSIDE OF THE BLANKET prior using it to prevent the inner weighted section from moving and bunching up during use.

To do this, open the zipper on the edge of the blanket and locate the tie-down ribbons located on the inside of the cover and feed them through the loops sewn onto the inner weighted section (note that tie-downs are located in each of the 4 corners as well as along the side).

How to wash Density ?

Only the outer cover is machine washable at low temperature, and the inner weighted cover is washable by hand at low temperature if you wish to wash it too.

15, 20 or a 25 lbs Density ? 

To choose your Density, please follow the following rule:

  • If you weigh between 100 and 150 lbs, choose a 15 lbs Density.
  • If you weigh between 150 and 200 lbs, choose a 20 lbs Density.
  • If you weigh more than 200 lbs, choose a 25 lbs Density.
  • For a kid after 2 years old, choose a 15 lbs Density.
  • If you hesitate between two Density weight and if you are not used to weighted blankets, choose the lighter Density.

A wrong discount code or no discount code has been applied ?

It is possible that the requested discount code hasn't been applied at the checkout. If so, send us an email at

customer@densityblankets.com and we will refund you the amount necessary to compensate the discount code that you wish to apply.

Do you have other color than grey ? 

We have the regret to say that we don't have multiple color options for the moment. The washable outer cover is made from a super soft and durable plush. Even if it's grey, it feels fantastic :)

Do you have king size option ? 

Density has been designed as a therapeutic blanket and its dimensions were properly chosen by our experts after several studies to deliver maximum benefits.

Therefore, the size of the blanket is 48”x78" and it is perfect for one person. If you are two people, I would suggest you purchase two of them. It allows you both to have your own, uniquely calibrated blankets. The best way to do it is to order twice in our store.

How to order more than one Density ?

The best way to do it is to order several times in our store. After buying your Density, send us an email to get our best discount offer : 

  • For 2 Density bought, you will be refunded $110 per Density (each Density will then be at $279).
  • For 3 Density bought, you will be refunded $120 per Density (each Density will then be at $269).
  • For 4 Density bought, you will be refunded $130 per Density (each Density will then be at $259).

What is the status of my order ? 

All information about your order are available at the Order Lookup page. To access your private area, your email address used during the purchase and you order number is required. 

Can I cancel or return my order ? 

You can ask for a refund any time prior shipping or you can return your Density after receiving it. To do so, simply send us an email at customer@densityblankets.com.