The Science

70% of people have trouble falling asleep at least 5 or 6 time per month and it has never been harder to find the peacefulness that we deserve.  

Weighted blankets have been used for a long time in hospital but the impacts on health and well-being have only recently begun to emerge in scientific studies...

...And the findings are amazing.

Deep touch pressure stimulation is a well-known and efficient method to improve health, sleep and the well-being through the stimulation of pressure points. 

Like if you were in a cocoon, the weight and pressure helped 90% of the participants to provide near-instant comfort and relief

The result of being with Density is incredible : your cortisol level goes down and your body increase the serotonin production. Your heart rate and blood pressure slowly goes down after you put the heavy blanket on top of you.



Science clearly demonstrate the positive effect that blankets as heavy as Density can have on serious condition like OCD, insomnia and anxiety. 

One study reveals that "63% reported lower anxiety after use, and 78% preferred the weighted blanket as a calming modality". It also says: "the results reveal that the use of the weighted blanket, in the lying down position, is safe as evidenced by the vital sign metrics (blood pressure, pulse rate, and pulse oximetry) (1).


The Journal of Sleep Medicine & Disorder concludes that the use of weighted blanket is "an innovative, non-pharmacological approach and complementary tool to improve sleep quality” (2).

Another study says that "touch is fundamental to our emotional well-being. Medical science is starting to understand and develop touch-based therapies for autism spectrum, mood, anxiety and borderline disorders" (3).

It is why Density has been designed to weigh about 10% of your body weight and it uses deep touch pressure simulation, a well-known therapeutic method.

We have a range of weighted blankets from 15, 20 and 25 pounds to fit your requirements and preferences.

Scientific research : 

All of the science and studies demonstrating the efficiency of Density can be found in the links below: