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Pre-Order: Density Cooling Outer Cover

Pre-Order: Density Cooling Outer Cover

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Wake up hot during the night?

Have trouble falling asleep in the heat?

Say Goodbye to your summer problems!

Introducing the new Density Cooling Outer Cover!

Preorder now, get 25$ OFF!

Density premium Cooling Cover will perfectly replace the Fleece Outer Cover during warmer months or for people who tend to sleep hot.

Crafted with high-end technical fabrics and designed in our original Grey colour, our Cooling Outer Cover has breatheable properties to draw heat and moisture away from the body and keep you cool while you sleep. The material for the Cooling Outer Cover was selected for its softness and durability to offer a pleasant caress on the skin and the gentle touch.

  • Cooling Cover made from 100% technical cotton 
  • Cooling Cover is machine washable and removable from the inner weighted layer
  • 6 Internal clasps keep the inner weight soundly in place inside the Cooling Cover
Density Cooling Outer Cover is sold without the inner weighted layer.

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    Shipping date: 16th of July